Blogs can be quite annoying at times. These sites have the propensity to behave as soapboxes for individuals to sanctimoniously proclaim their “expert” opinions. I sincerely hope that this blog will not come across that way. While I intend to express my thoughts and opinions with confidence and excitement, I also hope to come across as humble and willing to hear other views and opinions. After all, I have a lot to learn and I hope that, among other things, this blog will be a learning experience for myself as well as my readers.

What will guide the topic of discussion, you might ask? To be honest, I will likely write about whatever topics (trivial or important) are mulling around in my head. There will probably be a number of posts related to Economics, a handful on Culture, some about Politics, a few about Entertainment, some about Literature and Poetry, a few about Sports, and the rest will cover a smattering of issues.

Hopefully, what I have to say will be of interest to you. I welcome feedback and if there are issues that you would like for me to cover or merely cover better, I appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks so much for visiting this blog!

Jonathan Wright