I know it’s very 2005 but I decided to start a blog. (I actually had a few blogs back in the day but I’d be scared to go back and see what ridiculous things I had to say back then.)

You might be wondering why in the world I would start a blog, and that would be a good question – I’ve wondered that myself sometimes. I am generally not a fan of putting my thoughts out there for everybody to see, analyze, criticize, or whatever. However, I do think that I, on occasion, have useful or at least semi-interesting things to say and wanted to create a medium through which to communicate some of my thoughts. Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media can be very limiting in terms of legitimate discourse and can, I believe, actually hurt thoughtful conversation. But that’s another topic for a different day.

The “About” section of the blog gives a little bit of information about what types of things I will write about. This will likely not be super structured – I will write when I can about things that strike me as interesting. I do, however, welcome ideas, feedback, thoughts, etc. from my readers, so please feel free to give me advice or suggestions or whatever.

Thanks for visiting this site and I hope you return in the future!


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